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Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee Luo Zhijun Inspected NJTCSE
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On the morning of May 15th, Luo Zhijun, secretary of provincial Party committee and director of the provincial people’s congress standing committee, Huang Lixin, vice-governor of Jiangsu province, and leaders from departments concerned inspected NJTCSE and celebrated the 21st “National Day for Helping the Disabled” as well.

Accompanied by the secretary of the college party committee Jiang Yun’er and president Ding Yong, Luo Zhijun and his suite inspected campus environment, the training base for Jiangsu contestants taking part in the 4th National Vocational Skills Competition for the Disabled and the library. Luo visited the deaf students and contestants who were practicing for the competition, kindly asking about their life and study conditions, encouraging them to make unremitting endeavor to improve skills to make more contributions to the society. In the library, Luo said to the students who were reading books, “The cause of special education calls for your ideal and dedication. It is admirable that you choose the exalted vocation. You are expected to love your majors, learn them well and serve the people with loving care so as to make due contributions to the prosperity of the country and the people’s happiness.” In the auditorium, Luo warmly applauded the deaf models who were rehearsing for the competition.

Subsequently, the college Party committee Jiang Yun’er reported the development course of the college, present challenges and opportunities to Luo, and thanked the provincial Party committee and the provincial government for caring about and supporting special education and the cause of disabled people.

After earnestly listening to the report, Luo Zhijun delivered an important speech. First of all, he extended warm and cordial holiday greetings to all the disabled in Jiangsu province and the college staff and students on behalf of provincial Party committee, the provincial people’s congress and the provincial government. He said that the civilization of a country or region can be measured by the development level of the cause of the disabled. The Tenth Plenary Session of the Provincial Eleventh Committee of the CPC, held recently, conscientiously implemented the “Six Emphases” put forward by President Hu Jintao to Jiangsu. It also fixed on the “Eight Projects” during the 12th Five-Year Plan, among which people’s happiness is an important one. We must thoroughly implement the scientific outlook on development, adhere to the principle of “people first and government for the people”, make accelerating the development of the cause for the disabled an essential part of improving people’s happiness. With the aim of “equality, participation, sharing”, we are to focus on perfecting social security and service system for the disabled, continuously improve their production and living conditions, so as to make the cause for the disabled among the best throughout the country. Luo stressed that special education is the foundation work to promote the all-round development of the disabled. The education for them must be greatly improved to integrate the disabled into society and enjoy their lives as normal persons. The provincial Party committee and provincial government will spare no efforts to support the construction of NJTCSE. With the target of constructing an international and domestic first-class special education college, Luo hoped that all the staff members were expected to stress the characteristics of the college, stick to reform and innovation, attempt to foster more loving, professionally proficient, high-quality special education talents, making more contributions to special education and the cause of disabled people.

Other members of the inspection team included deputy secretary of provincial Party committee Li Min, deputy secretary-general of provincial government Xu guozhu, director of Provincial Development and Reform Commission Mao Weiming, director of Provincial Department of Education Shen Jian, director of Provincial Department of Finance Pan Yonghe, director of Association for the Handicapped Gao Xiaoping, vice director of provincial government office Zhu Guangyuan, deputy director of Provincial Department of Labor and Social Security Xu Wenbao.