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Our College Holds the Second Session of the Third Faculty 's Union Congress
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    On December 28, 2010,our college holds the Second Session of the Third Faculty 's Union Congress in the Lecture Hall which members of college leading group,faculty representatives and union members attend . Veteran leadership Middle-level cadres and representative of professor are also present. The congress is chaired by the deputy secretary of the college Party committee Xie Ming .


    The secretary of the college Party committee Jiang Yuner makes a speech to congress above all.Mr. Jiang, the party secretary, says that the system of faculty's congress under the leadership of the Party committee is the basic form of democratic management and democratic supervision; it is the basic carrier for faculty to enjoy their rights to participate in the deliberation and administration of college's affairsit takes an important part in our collegiate regulating systemit is an important channel for college Party committee and administration to consult faculty on collegiate policies and guidelines and gives full play to democracy in the process.The success of the meeting would be not only an important political task but also an urgent needs for our college to reach a higher stage of development. He hopes the congregaties can keep attention to the point and with a highly responsible manner, earnestly perform their duties. The congregaties should positively give constructive comments and suggestions about the development of our college to complete all the scheduled tasks of this congress.


    President Din Yong makes working report to congress . He says that over the past year to follow the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the thought of Three Represents and hold to scientific progress viewcollege Party committee has led the whole school staff and students to learn seriously and carry out the central content of national relevant policies. Our college keep deepening educational reform,accelerating the construction of campus infrastructure,making efforts to establish harmonious campus,comprehensively improving college quality,  teaching quality and efficiency of college to make the development of our

college entered a new stage. In the next yearour college will carry out and implement the twelfth five-year plans and  further strengthen  the connotation to improve the educational quality.


     The congress listen to several reports about unions' workproposals unions' budgetary funds monitoring and the guide to the redaction of college's the twelfth five-year plans.


     Then faculty representatives make consideration and discussion on the work report and college's the twelfth five-year plans in groups and passed the resolution of congress. Representatives also put forward valuable suggestions to the development and reform of NTCSE.


    Finally,the secretary of the college Party committee Jiang Yuner makes a concluding speech. He says that the congress have realistically reviewed and summarized the work of the 2010carefully analysed the facing opportunities and challenges to college and definited working objectivestasks and ideas during the twelfth Five-Year Plan's period. The result of congress have reached the anticipant goal.“Let us, under the leadership of college party committeesunite and lead the whole school staff to strengthen confidence,boost morale,fully complete the work target of 2011 make a good start of the twelfth five-year plan”he says “to make greater contributions to the reform and development for our college."