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Brief Introduction to the Cooperation with WSI
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Brief Introduction to the Cooperation with Woosong Information College

Founded in 1964, Woosong Information College, located in Daejeon, Korea, belongs to Woosong University set up in 1954. It is a multi-subject college with over 5000 students in it.  Woosong Information College is confirmed by the Ministry of Education of China, in which the majors of Social Welfare and Child Education have had a great influence in Korea. From this college, about 3000 graduates majoring in Child Education have taught in the educational departments all over Korea, and a lot of excellent social welfarers in Daejeon have come from the Department of Social Welfare.

Approved by Jiangsu Provincial Education Department, together with Woosong Information College, our college enrolls college students majoring in Pre-school Education (child care) and Social Work (Health and Service of the old). After studying in our college for two years and passing the examinations, the students will go to study in Woosong Information College for one year, then they can get the diploma both in China and in Korea. Woosong Information College will help the graduates to get jobs in relevant industries through its own employment net and employments centers. Also, the students can apply for entering Woosong University, where they can get the bachelor's degree after studying for two years and passing the examinations. Afterwards, the students can directly apply for the postgraduate in Woosong University or for the friend colleges of Woosong University all over the world through the Woosong University educational net.

Expense standard: Pre-school Education (child care), RMB 14000 per year in our college; Social Work (Health and Service of the old), RMB 13000 per year in our college; RMB 50000 in Korea, including tuition fee, RMB 34000, lodge fee, RMB 3000,meal fee, 13000 (including three meals a day, except winter and summer vacations).