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Nanjing Normal University of Special Education locates in Nanjing, “the City ofLove.” Nanjing Normal University of Special Education is the only independent university of higher education that mainly trains teachers for special education. It is also an ordinary undergraduate university which gives higher vocational education to the disabled and cultivates the trained personnel for the handicapped.

Nanjing Normal University of Special Education was established in Nanjing city in 1982. The original name was Nanjing Normal School of Special Education, which was founded by Ministry of Education of the P.R. China as the cooperation projects between Chinese government and United Nations Children Fund. It is the first normal school of special education in the modern history of China, which sets a precedent for special education and fills the gap in educational disciplines of China.In 1997, our school was put under the charge of Jiangsu provincial government by the Ministry of Education and the same year, to meet the demand of primary school teachers with college certificate, it became the first to undertake the task of 5-year higher teacher training in special education and formulate a 5-year curriculum program for special education teachers within China. In June 2002, the school was upgraded to Nanjing Technical College of Special Education, and it carried out a 3-year special education teacher training program for students graduated from high school and worked out the first curriculum for it inChina. In 2009, China’s Disabled Persons Federation signed an agreement with Jiangsuprovincial government that they manage the college together and it was granted by the CDPF as “a teacher training base of vocational education for the nationwide disabled people.” In 2013, the school prepared to established Nanjing Normal College of Special Education under the permission of China Ministry of Education .In 2015,the college updated to an ordinary undergraduate university. It is the training center of Jiangsuspecial education. It got various prizes in Jiangsu province and China.

The university currently has “Yanziji” campus and “Jiangning” campus, occupying a total area of 501.2 acres surrounded by beautiful scenery.The total construction area is 16,150,000 square meters.The value of instruments for teaching and scientific research is 44,570,000 yuan. The library covers the area of 11862,7 and has the largest number of Braille books. It has 600,000 books and 11 digital resource databases and 1,400,000 electronic books.There are 55 campus laboratories (training rooms) and 125 national practice (training) bases, with the auditory laboratory in the leading position of domestic industry. The practice base of preschool education is supported byChina central finance and the special kid’s early intervention rehabilitation center is the provincial one of Jiangsu higher vocational college.The first educational unique museum of special education has been established in the university ,whichcollects over 2,000 entities and literature. It contains several parts, such as general history part, literature part, technical part, movie part, experience part,achievement part, painting part and so on. The Chinese Undertaking for DisabledPersonsMuseum is constructing at present.

It consists 11 schools ,i.e. School of Special Education , School of Preschool Education ,School of Music , School of Rehabilitation Science, School of Language, School of Maths and Information ,School of Administration ,School of Music ,School of Arts , School of Further Education, School of Marxism andSchool of P.E.. It sets up 23 specialties involved 7 fields of study, such as education, literature, management,law,engineering,agricultural sciences,medicine.There are 4national and provincial grade excellent courses and 4 provincial brand specialties and characteristic specialties.

In the past 5years,112 monograph and teaching materials and academic journals have been published, among which 404 in Chinese core periodical and 194 in CSSCI.The Modern Special Education (High Version) has been published.The 12-th five year planning project,which is aided by national fund project “Special Children’s Education and Rehabilitation Library” has been finished. The university undertook 49 projects at different levels, such as the outstanding special education teacher developing and reforming project. It also got 19 prizes such as provincial philosophy and social sciences research achievements, 1 national level education teaching achievement and 5 provincial high education teaching achievement.

Currently, the university has 5752 full time students, including 596 handicapped students. It has 49% senior professional technical position teachers and 72%master degree or above teachers.There are many excellent talents, such as 1 expert of the “New Century Hundred Thousand Million Talents Project”, 1 expert of the “National Education Ministry Excellent Talents”, 2 Provincial and Ministerial Young and Middle-aged Experts who have outstanding contribution , 1 Provincial Excellent Teaching Team, 1 Provincial Outstanding Teacher ,5 Provincial Good Education Workers , 1 “Six Talents Peak” high level personnel training object, 10 provincial “333 high level talents cultivated project” (level 2 and 3), 9 provincial “Qing-Lan Project” young and middle-aged academic leader training objects and 25 provincial “Qing-Lan Project” outstanding young teacher training objects .

Since the foundation, the university has been carrying out the aim of serving for the special education and the undertakings of the disabled. Adhering to the running philosophy of “shaping soul with fraternity, taking quality first, enhancing characteristic running and the school motto of “fraternity, self-improvement, truth seeking and innovation”, it has created a new route for special education teachers’ training with Chinese characteristics. Basing on JiangsuProvince, facing the whole country and connecting with the world, the university insists on the developing concepts “especially develop, specially develop, characteristically develop.” It has cultivated more than 20,000 specialists who have been working in the national-wideposts of the special education school, the management and service organizations for the disabled, the university has been praised as “the cradle of special education teachers in China”.