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Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province Chao Weixing Inspected Our College
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On November 19Vice Governor of Jiangsu Provincethe provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman  Chao Weixing and his suite inspected Our college.

Accompanied by the secretary of the college party committee Jiang Yuner and president Ding YongVice-governor  Chao Weixing inspected campus environmentlocation of teaching and laboratories. In the garment processing workshop of Suny College Vice-governor  Chao visited students who were practicing the operation of machines.Mr.Chao encouraged them to cherish learning opportunities study hard, improve the skills and make contribution for the society as soon as possible. Secretary of the college Party committee Jiang Yuner, on behalf of the college party committee and  administration , reported the development history opportunities and challenges for our college

Vice-governor  Chao Weixing  who fully affirmed achievements of our college  on subject construction major construction and cultivation of talents raised three  hopes First, seize the opportunity to carefully plan the development of the 12th Five-Year Plan.Secondstrengthen College's characteristic, accomplish more special features and make great efforts to build an unique and high-level university.Thirddeepen province's and Ministry's co-constructing and try to achieve the tripartite constructing of Jiang Su provinceChinese Disabled Person Federation and Ministry of Education.

Director of governmental general office Li Yiningdeputy director of provincial Department of Education Ding Xiaochang and deputy director of provincial Disabled Person Federation Zhang Jianpin visited our college with Vice-governor Chao Weixing and made valuable suggestions for the development of NJTCSE.