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NTCSE Observes the Grand Opening of Ceremony for Freshman
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In the morning of October 11 , our college held the opening ceremony for 2010 steps of freshmen in the gymnasium. Present at the ceremony were Mr.Park Seongik president of Woosong Information CollegeKorea secretary of the college Party committee Jiang Yunerpresident Ding Yong and vice president Qing Zujie.The opening ceremony was chaired by vice secretary of the college Party committee Xie Ming. Leading members of the departments concerned and more than 1600 students took part in opening ceremony.

  President Ding Yong , on behalf of the college Party committee and  administration , extended a warm welcome to the arrival of  the distinguished guests and  2010 steps of freshmen and raised five requirements and hopes for the studentsFirstlearn to transform.Secondbecoming independent. Third,be caritativeFourth,learn to learn. Fifth,learn health.

President Park Seongik followed this with an introduction to Woosong Information College and hoped that the two colleges with a common belief of "promoting the internationalization of education"could cooperate proactively, promote communications and emulation and improve together. 

 Prof.Zhang Jinfu, representative of faculty and a student representative made speeches successively.