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Department of Public Service Management
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I.Brief Introduction to Department

Established in June, 2004, the Department of Public Service Management is aimed to train the students to make contributions to the management and service of the disabled. The purpose of the major is to cultivate qualified talents to meet the needs of the society and employment, to enlarge their knowledge and to develop their special skills and social communication ability. At college, the students have the opportunity to take part in all kinds of examinations of vocational qualifications and get the equivalent certificates.

The Department of Public Service Management is energetic and promising. It has 598 students, and a faculty of 25 full-time teachers, including 2 professors, 6 associate professors, 16 teachers with master's degree and 1 with doctor's degree. A lot of specialists and teachers have undertaken the research theses both in province and in college, and have published over 100 papers in this field. Our department has the comprehensive advantage and the experience to cultivate practical personnel. The modern office automation libraries are to be put into use, which will ensure more talents for the business of the disabled and the development of social economy. 

II.Introduction to the majors

Management of Public Service (Management of the service of the Disabled) (non-normal)

Social Work (Health and Service of the elder) (non-normal)

Social Work (The Disabled Special Committee and the management of Community) (non-normal)

Social Work (Legal Aid of the Disabled) (non-normal)

Social Work (Psychology Counseling) (non-normal)