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Department of Rehabilitation Science
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.Overall Introduction to the Department

Department of Rehabilitation Science, founded in 2001, has three majors―Rehabilitation of Children, Community-based Rehabilitation and Social Work―and seven major fields―Infantile Autism Education and Rehabilitation, Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation, Hearing Technician, Child Rehabilitation of Brain Paralysis, Child Rehabilitation of Dysnoesia, Child Rehabilitation of Affective Behavior Disorder and the Disabled-assisted Implement. There are 582 students, 21 teaching staff, among whom there are 2 associate professors, 11 lecturers, including doctors, psychological consultants, hearing aid fitting coordinators, 2 Ph.D. holders, 14 postgraduates. More than 60% are double-certificated teachers with various professional qualification certificates. It is a comprehensive department with professional advantage and distinguishing featurers. Among the majors, Rehabilitation of Children is a provincial brand major, Community-based Rehabilitation is a college brand major.

Department of Rehabilitation Science has a set of experimental equipment that matches and meets professional teaching and research, including the most advanced Audiology Laboratory, Sensory Integration Training Room in China, and Human Anatomy Laboratory, Hearing and Speech, Speech Therapy, Psychological Rehabilitation, Physiatry, Occupational Therapy, Traditional Rehabilitation Training Room. The department has set up several dozens of internship training bases inside and outside the province. Community-based Rehabilitation and Hearing Technician have realized "order-style" training and cooperation between college and enterprises. The students from this department normally have outstanding professional competence and excellent comprehensive quality, thus enjoying broad employment prospects. Department of Rehabilitation Science has trained a number of professionals with rehabilitation technology for schools of special education, rehabilitation agencies, the disabled services agencies across the country.

.Introduction to the Majors

Rehabilitation of Children (Education and Rehabilitation of Children with Autism)

Rehabilitation of Children (Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation)

Rehabilitation of Children (Rehabilitation of Children with Cerebral Palsy)

Rehabilitation of Children (Rehabilitation of Children with Emotional Behavioral Disorder)

Rehabilitation of Children (Rehabilitation of Mentally Handicapped Children)

Community-based Rehabilitation (Rehabilitation Training)

Community-based Rehabilitation (Hearing Technician)

Social Work (the Disabled-assisted Implement)