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Department of Special Education
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Ⅰ. Overall Introduction to the Department

Department of Special Education, which has the longest history in our college, originated from three specialized fields: Blind Education, Deaf Education and Education for the Mentally Handicapped, when the college was called Nanjing Normal School of Special Education. The department now has three majors―Special Education, Sign Language Interpretation and Elementary Education―and six major fields. There are 1152 students, 28 full-time teachers (10 associate professors,15 lecturers and 3 teaching assistants). Among the teachers, there is one master teacher at the provincial level, one training object of 333 Project, one academic leader of the Experienced Teacher and Young Teacher Project and one academic backbone.

As the largest department in our college, it has done a lot of research work and grope in setting up teacher education majors, perfecting length of school, strengthening professional curriculum and discipline construction. Several expert teachers have participated in formulating teaching syllabuses, compiling teaching materials of more than ten courses of the major of Special Education at the national level, most of which were awarded Exercellent Courses or Textbooks at the provincial or college level. Furthermore, the teachers have completed over 10 research projects at national, provincial and ministerial level, supplied many a gap in the field of China’s special education, thus have done outstanding contribution in the field.

During the past 20 years, the department has trained over 3,500 special education teachers, administrators, sign language broadcasters, public security cadres and policemen and other more than 6,000 professionals, some of whom are national advanced individuals. About 40% 0f principals, 80% of middle-level administrators in China’s 1534 special education schools graduated from the department. Some school fellows have been received by President Hu Jingtao and other Party and state leaders. Some have been reported by CCTV and other news media.

Special education is our college’s brand major, and also a constructing major of distinguishing feature of Jiangsu Province. The major has the most major fields, largest scale, most graduates, longest history, most complete laboratory equipment and greatest social impact in China. The four major fields, ie, Paropsia Education, Infantile Autism Education, Academic Handicapped Education and Classroom Integration, are unique in China. Sign Language Intepretation is just emerging even in developed countries.

Ⅱ. Introduction to the Majors

Major of Special Education(Paropsia Education)

Major of Special Education(Hearing Disorder Education)

Major of Special Education(Dysnoesia Education)

Major of Special Education(Academic Handicap Education)

Sign Language Intepretation (non-teacher education)

Primary Education (Classroom Integration Education)